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Respect, resilence and self-confidence

Seido, meaning “sincere way”, is a traditional form of karate developed by Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura that incorporates centuries of karate tradition and concepts of respect, hard work, and commitment. Alongside the physical elements of training, the Seido philosophy places great importance on the personal growth of each student, regardless of their skill level. In Seido Karate, the journey is far more important than the destination. Our goal is for students to not just become physically stronger, but to train safely, gain self-confidence, and become lifelong members of the worldwide Seido community. 

How Children Benefit

Seido is perfect for children starting their karate journey. Our curricula designed for specific stages of development, professional instructors and our dojo’s nurturing environment means that your child’s training experience will be welcoming, encouraging, and most importantly, fun! Karate’s physical lessons improve balance, endurance, range of motion, coordination, flexibility, and stamina, while the mental aspects develop self-respect, confidence, awareness, and focus. Students of Seido Karate exercise strong minds, build healthy bodies, and nurture a happy spirit. The tenets of Seido Karate―love, respect, and obedience―are deeply integrated into the curriculum of the children’s program. While children and adults train in separate classes, the communal nature of our dojo means that kids and their parents can progress through their Karate journeys side-by-side.

Kids Trial Class
  • Kids Trial Class

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    • Peewee, Junior and Teen classes
    • Ages 4 - 17
    • No long term contracts

*Pricing plans vary by location. Please contact your local Seido branch for more information. Or click here to find your dojo here

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