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Seido Karate

We are excited to welcome back Seido students to classes at Honbu!

Click HERE to view the updated schedule of classes.

The links to sign up for classes are sent out every Sunday and remain active until one hour before the class. Students can sign up for as many classes as he/she/they want as long as it is for their rank.

If you sign up and do not show up, you will be charged $10. You have up until 24 hours to email and (please email both) to cancel. However, if you do not show up due to not feeling well we will waive the fee then and encourage you to stay home. Just let us know.
When signing up, you will see a COVID release form, as well as a fill in option for your rank and telephone number. All of that is important to fill out correctly.

Please note- all students and employees, ages 12 and up must be fully vaccinated to enter dojo. All parents who want to stay and watch must also be fully vaccinated. 
Each student will be asked to show proof of vaccination and masks are also required. Students can arrive 30 minutes before class to change and get ready. Please remain social distance. If the door is locked, there is a doorbell right near the door. 
Once class is over we ask each student to get changed and help the flow of traffic to keep steady.
The staff will ensure that cleaning and all Covid policies are kept in place. Thank you for doing your part to help keep all Seido students safe. Osu!

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