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Traditional Japanese Karate

Seido, meaning “sincere way”, is a traditional form of karate developed by Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura that incorporates centuries of karate tradition and concepts of respect, hard work, and commitment. Alongside the physical elements of training, the Seido philosophy places great importance on the personal growth of each student, regardless of their skill level. In Seido Karate, the journey is far more important than the destination. Our goal is for students to not just become physically stronger, but to train safely, gain self-confidence, and become lifelong members of the worldwide Seido community.

Benefits Of Training

Seido Karate is a mentally engaging style of martial arts training that strengthens mind, body, and spirit. At our dojos we emphasize discipline, respect, and safety, as well as fostering a welcoming and supportive environment. With help from our skilled and dedicated teachers, you will gain skills that have lasting benefits in all areas of your life. The Seido training program is made up of basic strength and flexibility training (each class begins with stretching), mastering Karate forms and techniques, self-defense, and kumite (sparring). Students also attend Zen meditation classes and lectures on Japanese philosophy given by Kaicho Nakamura, and community bonding events such as our annual sunrise beach training. Meditation in Seido has no religious significance, but is inseparable from physical training, as true karate strives to develop both the physical body and a calm, focused mind. Our classes cater to karate students of all ages and abilities. We have a robust kids and teens program, as well as adaptive programs for visually impaired students and those with developmental and learning disabilities.

NYC Dojo Plans & Rates*

Trial Class
  • Billed Once

    Trial Class

  • $ 10
    • 30 minute private session
    • Experienced Instructor
    • No uniform required
    • No Obligation

*Pricing plans vary by location. Please contact your local Seido branch for more information. Or click here to find your dojo here

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