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Adaptive Programs

The core curriculum consists of general classes, kata, kumite, and meditation classes. This includes both “general” (all belts) and “rank specific” classes, which focus on each belt level’s syllabus. Kumite class is for intermediate and advanced students. Meditation is an integral part of training in Seido and all members are encouraged to attend. Full gi is mandatory for all classes unless noted otherwise.

Blind Program, General Class

This is one of our adaptive classes for our visually impaired members. Other students are encouraged to assist this class while also practicing their own material. Students testing to Green belt or higher are often required to participate in the class while wearing a blindfold. Class length is 1 hour.


Blind Program, Conditioning

This is an adaptive classes for our visually impaired members. It is a physically challenging class that is geared toward strength and endurance. Gloves are recommended for bag work. Class length is 45 minutes.

Blind Program, Makeup Classes for Promotion

Blind - Wed 5pm, Thu 4:30pm, Sat 11am

Promotion candidates should bring a blindfold. The objective is for students to learn how to apply their other senses to their karate training. Promotion candidates will train alongside blind and visually impaired students, learn protocol for assisting blind people inside and outside the dojo, and as needed, may assist teaching blind students. We welcome anyone to assist our classes, including outside of promotion requirements.

Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities (I/DD)

Young Adult Institute Program (YAI)

Students assisting at YAI (Young Adult Institute) should arrive at 460 W 34th Street, New York, NY by 5:45pm. Please provide a state issued ID to the security guard at the front desk. After receiving a pass to gain entry to the building, proceed to the 9th floor and change into your Gi. We bring the students up to the 12th floor by 6 PM. When assisting students in the YAI program, it is expected that you will help the instructors by mirroring technique, working one-on-one with students (usually white belts) if need be, and promoting positive energy. Please email Senpai Hannah ( the night before to let her know you will be there.